Kimberly Guilfoyle Plastic Surgery Photo

Kimberly Guilfoyle Plastic Surgery: Facelift Modified Her Face? Before-After!

Kimberly can’t hide the strange alterations on her face. It is clear that some parts on her face have been modified. She may not openly admit it but people seem to believe that she has had work done. Kimberly Guilfoyle plastic surgery is the most probable reason behind her current unusual face. What has Kimberly had?

Kimberly Guilfoyle Plastic Surgery Photo

Kimberly Guilfoyle Plastic Surgery, Facelift, Before-After

As you can see in the photos, there are some important differences on Kimberly Guilfoyle before and after aesthetic enhancement. Adjustment on her facial skin is the easiest to see. She is clearly having tighter and smoother skin there.

Facelift sounds reasonable. In fact, many people online think that Kimberly Guilfoyle facelift has been executed. We all can guess the main purpose of the operation. She wanted younger look. Pulling, tightening face skin via facelift is the fastest way to complete that goal.

Facelift can’t be the only treatment that reverses her face condition. That super-smooth forehead indicates the presence of Botox. Injecting Botox is common practice these days. Guilfoyle surely can’t miss that. Thanks to facelift and Botox she looks much younger than her real age. The appearances of her forehead, cheeks, chin and eyes stun us all.

Dermal filler injection is another probable treatment she has received. Hollow cheeks are real nightmare for many people. Filler has been a popular substance to avoid the unwanted shape. Kimberly seems to know it well. Augmentation on her cheeks is obvious. She has fuller and rounder shape now.

However, Kimberly Guilfoyle’s plastic surgery has its downside. She looks much more unnatural than before. Not only the face skin and cheeks, her eyes also show us uncommon modification. Eye lift or brow lift might have been the cause. Generally speaking, her new face delivers message that her plastic surgeon has done the jobs a little too far.

Kimberly Guilfoyle Facelift

Kimberly Guilfoyle Facelift, Boob Job Photo

Cosmetic surgery didn’t only target her face. We can easily detect augmentation on her bosom. It is somewhat difficult to say that she didn’t undergo boob job. Kimberly Guilfoyle boob job significantly changed her cleavage appearance.

We all can see that she has different shape and size of breasts. Breast implant appears to be the answer to explain the transformation on her chest. And she looks sexier with the enhanced breasts, doesn’t she? Share us your comment about Kimberly post-surgery below.

Kimberly Guilfoyle's Body Measurements
Cup Size (US)N/A
Body ShapeN/A
Dress Size (US)N/A
Shoe Size (US)N/A
Kimberly Guilfoyle's Plastic Surgeries
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)N/A
Boob Job (Breast Augmentation)N/A
Breast ReductionN/A
Facelift (Rhytidectomy)N/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt Lift (Buttock Lift)N/A
Eyelid SurgeryN/A
Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)N/A

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