Privacy has been a serious concern in online world. We all want our privacy to be protected. In this page we want to make it clear about how visitors data are collected and treated.

First of all, please note that people are “opening” their identity the time they connect their device to the internet and access stuffs like websites and apps. This website can collect visitor’s information, too.

What do we collect?

Device information such as screen resolution, operating system (OS) type, IP address or location, browser type, can be obtained. Browsing activity, simply like when visitors are visiting, what pages, time spent, where visitors came from (via referral site or direct visit) are also traceable.

We do not collect personal identifiable data such as name, phone number and email address, unless a person consciously puts such data in contact or comment forms.

How do we collect data?

It is simply by using HTML script or code. This website embeds Google Analytics tracking script somewhere inside. Similar method is also used by us to display ads, by using Google Adsense code. The scripts or codes make it possible to gain visitors’ information once they are loaded.

Why do we collect it?

In fact, countless websites do have tracking script. Why? It is important, at least for this website, to use it so we can have comprehensive data to measure the site performance. Sufficient data can help us to improve the website.

How do we treat visitors’ data?

We keep it and analyze it so we can improve this site. Overall, we can say that they are safe as we don’t and never use it for bad purpose.


However, you have control. If you want to stop tracking scripts (like Google Analytics Tracking Code) from accessing your online behavior, you can do so by disabling JavaScript, cookies on your browser. You can also use third party tool. Please refer to your browser’s help forum for further instructions to disable it. Keep in mind that stopping tracking script can affect your browsing experience. Some of websites’ features may not work properly.

We encourage you to read our Cookie Policy page for another privacy-related topic.